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What do you know about Pop Art?How would you define Pop Art?Who are some Pop artists?

Perceive and describe the visual information. What can you actually see? Objects, figures, elements of design (line, colour, texture, shape) used, art materials and techniques used in constructing the artwork.

Analyse how the artwork was composed or structured. Notice relationships between parts… contrasts in size, colour, shape, texture, light and shade. Use of depth, space… Is there a focal point? What mood is created?
Interpret. Make a personal interpretation of the artwork. Speculate on its meaning or what you think the artist’s intentions were. Are there symbols to interpret?
Consider background information. How has the artist’s title and your knowledge of the art period added to your understanding of the work?
Evaluate. How satisfying or engaging is the artwork? Is it skilful, imaginative, expressive? Does it communicate its message effectively? Does it make a social comment? What do you particularly like about it?

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